So Long: Lusty Lady will close.

The Catholic Church Wants to Clear Up Something: In cases of known sex abuse, bishops and clerics should report such crimes to police "if required by law." Oh... only when required by law.

Fire Them: American troops fire on bus in Afghanistan, killing five civilians and wounding 18.

Don't Trash Their Jobs: After a contract was resolved with one company, garbage workers threaten to strike if they can't work out a deal with another company. The workers want $2.80 more an hour.

Thailand: Following massive protests, election commission recommends dissolving the prime minister's political party.

Boss 2.0: Microsoft tries to pressure Olympia by reminding lawmakers of its economic import, and legislative agenda.

Come on Down: New 25-story building in Belltown must be demolished due to construction mistakes and corrosion.

Long Haul for Unemployed: The current long-term unemployment rate—44 percent of all unemployed have been out of work for over six months—second only to numbers during Great Depression.

Brave New Media: has launched its very own LOL cat gallery.

Killer Whales: Pod attacks gray whale. "KING-TV reports they were transient orcas, not the salmon-eating Puget Sound residents."

Our Prudish Losers: Playing opening day at Safeco Field.