Even the richest man in the world could not stop it:

Mexico is bracing itself for communications chaos tomorrow, with some 24m mobile phone lines due to be disconnected as part of a government crackdown on organised crime.

The government announced today that only around 71% of the 83.5m mobile lines in Mexico had been logged with a new register, and that the disconnection of the rest was set to begin.

The register was designed to help combat the use of mobiles in crimes such as kidnapping and phone extortions threatening violence unless the victim hands over some cash. But confusion and organisational disarray have marred the plan.

Despite plenty of coverage of the issue in the press in the last few weeks, many Mexicans were unaware of an obligation to submit their data before the deadline of midnight on Saturday, or they simply failed to get around to registering.

Some mobile phone owners also refused to send the required text message with their personal information on the grounds that they saw the register as an affront to their civil liberties.

Grant Cogswell, can you report on this? What kind of world will appear tomorrow? Will Mexico become Mad Maxy? We want to know these things.