See? It's not just the Catholic Church! Other institutionally homophobic organizations attract child rapists too!

A Multnomah County Circuit Court jury found this morning that the Boy Scouts were negligent and awarded non-economic damages of $1.4 million to a man who was sexually abused as a Scout in the 1980s. Punitive damages will be determined in a second phase of the trial.... The jury found that the Boy Scouts of America was liable for 60 percent of the negligence and the Cascade Pacific Council was responsible for 15 percent. Together they will have to pay Lewis $1.05 million. The jury determined that the remaining 25 percent—$350,000—is the responsibility of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which had coordinated Lewis' Scout program in Southeast Portland.

And the Boy Scouts are into coverups and secrecy and protecting pedophiles too:

Kelly Clark, an attorney for Lewis, introduced the confidential files to argue that the Boy Scouts was negligent because the files were not used to protect boys from alleged sex abusers but instead were kept secret. Although the existence of "perversion files" kept by the Boy Scouts at its national headquarters has been known for awhile, the Portland case is believed to be only the second time any of the documents have been seen by a jury. The Boy Scouts has fought to keep those files confidential. But the Oregon Supreme Court in February approved the release of more than 1,000 files the Scouts kept on alleged pedophiles from 1965 to mid-1984 to be used in the Portland trial.