Back to reality:

Sometimes you have to take out your political lenses and look at the actual statistics to get a true picture of the health of the American economy. Right now, those statistics are saying a modest cyclical rebound following a very deep downturn could actually be turning into a full-fledged, V-shaped recovery boom between now and year-end.

I'm aiming this thought especially at many of my conservative friends who seem to be trashing the improving economic outlook — largely, it would appear, to discredit the Obama administration.

Don't do it folks. It's a mistake. The numbers are the numbers. And prosperity is a welcome development for a nation that has suffered mightily.

Credibility is at issue here. Conservative credibility. Capitalist credibility.

It's not that I agree with Obamanomics, which is not at all different from Clintonian economics, and still has neoliberalism (hypercapitalism) as its ground, but that the GOP can not continue to act like it's anywhere near socialism. This crazy approach to Obamanomics is bound to backfire. And recovery from such a massive backfire will be long and slow.

Those currently dominating the right's political picture, the tea people, are simply stupid, and following their nonsense about socialism this and socialism that is politically dangerous. This fact is apparently lost on Palin (who has an eye for crowds but no ears for content) but not Scott Brown:

Scott Brown and Sarah Palin are the stars of the Republican Party, but you won't be seeing them together anytime soon.

Brown is passing on the opportunity to appear at a Tea Party rally this week in Boston along side the former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Michael Graham: show some courage, Scott Brown. Come to the Tea Party.

An earful of criticism from Boston conservative talk radio host Michael Graham and his supporters aimed at Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown following word that Brown will not be attending Wednesday's Tea Party rally on Boston Common - featuring Sarah Palin and expected to draw thousands of people.

Obama needs to worry only about Scott Brown. Palin has gone over the cliff with the other buffaloes.