Golob, meiotic drivers:

Meiotic drivers are genes that subvert the normal rules of inheritance to ensure that they are present in more than their fair share of gametes in the next generation.
In light of the absence of meiotic drivers in the human genome, can we see something like a continuum from biological democracy to cultural democracy? Is this pushing it? Have I gone too far? Can we not see this and this as descendants of the meiotic drivers?

Also, is it pushing it to consider the bacteria in our guts as a kind of nation? And why am I trying to look at things in this way? Because all I look for in science is anything that smashes the wall between culture and biology. That is my main mission.

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Speaking of intestinal bacteria, the current Dear Science meets this question, "Can Long-Term Vegetarians Really Not Eat Meat?," with this answer:

A goodly chunk of human digestion is actually done by the bugs that live happily within us. When someone stops eating meat (for decades), that person loses the meat-digesting bacteria; the bacteria starve. Then that person farts and poops liquid when he or she eats meat.

People can regain these bacteria if they restart eating meat. How? By kissing. Hence moms kissing their kids: to give bacteria (and love, I suppose).

Kissing now means so much more.
  • Giorgio Montersino