But it's not. And therefore, the press release I just got making this announcement is real:

"Wing Luke Asian Museum expands name to Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, with 'The Wing' as its nickname."

Why not just the Asian Experience Project? Eric Grandy, and many of us, would like to know.


Full press release, which clarifies nothing, on the jump.

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Establishing The Wing as a nickname enables the organization to benefit from a quicker name to say and a shorter name to billboard in materials. At the same time, the full name reinforces what The Wing experience is all about and expands what the word Asian is meant to encompass in the museum’s name.

“As the decade begins, the 43-year old Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience has entered a new world,” says Executive Director Beth Takekawa. “Having opened the doors of a major building expansion and lived in it for two years, we have welcomed 50,000 visitors in our first year and are on track to bring in at least that many in our second year. Living in a world of 50,000 visitors is a 350% increase over our previous highest visitation years of 13,000-15,000. Our newly populated world has confronted our institution and the Asian Pacific American communities whose stories we tell, with a real opportunity to engage and interact deeply with the American public and culture.”

About the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (“The Wing”):
The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is dedicated to immersing visitors in uniquely-American stories of survival, success, struggle, conflict, compassion and hope. The Museum is in the heart of Seattle’s vibrant Chinatown-International District, and includes the very hotel where countless immigrants first found a home, a meal and refuge. As our nation’s only museum devoted to the Asian Pacific American experience, it’s one of the few places that can truly give you a new perspective on what it means to be American. The Wing is a Smithsonian Affiliate, a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution.