You'll recall that the wusses of Bellingham politics decided against allowing ten paper sculptures to be marched into Bellingham Bay Saturday—at the last minute and by rushing out for the weekend without comment or explanation, after months of announcing they were going to do just that, for fear of a protest.

Artist John Grade's solution looked a little like a protest scenario: The sculptures were marched down from the museum to form a circle in a grassy field, where they were hosed down by the fire department like rowdy protesters.

The responses in the big crowd ranged from "That's art!" to "Is that it?"

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I was among the "That's it?" faction. What was supposed to be a series of sculptures pitching and heaving like wild white Seussian ships dissolving at a rapid rate into the sea—in the end becoming invisible—instead ended in piles of white goo on some muddy grass. Kids running their hands through it were quick to describe it: "It's like wet toilet paper and whipped cream." Okay then.

At least there were collectibles. I guess.