Swedish pastor falls asleep during a 2 am crisis-line call from a suicidal citizen:

"It's not acceptable for a priest to fall asleep in the middle of a call; this should not happen when you call up in search of help. I felt bad and wanted to kill myself, but I pulled myself together and made the call. I am very disappointed," the 44-year-old man told the Barometern local daily.

Monica Eckerdal Kjellström, who coordinates the activities of duty pastors within the Church of Sweden, expressed regret over the incident but does not believe that it is an isolated occurrence.

"This sort of thing should really not occur, but it does sometimes happen that people call and report that the pastors have fallen asleep."

Swedish cat has nine lives. (And its name is Kitty. Kitty the cat.)

As if seeking to prove the verity of the old myth of a cat's nine lives, Kitty - a feline resident of Traneberg in western Sweden - is recovering after surviving nine shots to her head and torso. "The shooter must have been standing very close for the bullets to have gone so deep," said vet Andrew Blockley to the local Hallands Nyheter daily.

Kitty dragged herself injured and bloody to the family home in Traneberg in Varberg on Saturday.

Everyone presumed that she had got herself embroiled in a fight with a dog and had been bitten, including the vet at Halland animal hospital in Slöinge - until three air gun pellets were found on her person.

Swedish pilot fakes it 'til he makes it, nobody much cares:

41-year-old Swede Thomas Salme who flew for 13 years without a valid pilot's licence has been served with a small fine and banned from flying for one year after a conviction in a Dutch court.

Swedish food and wine writer eats food, drinks wine (seriously, these are the first two paragraphs):

I had a dinner with some friends recently, we all bought along a bottle of wine we wanted each other to enjoy. We all chipped in and prepared the meal (it helped that one of our friends is an amazing chef) and sat down to eat, drink and talk to well past pumpkin hour.

Johanna and I love cooking, eating, entertaining friends and sharing our wines. I can say we are pretty good friends to have if you also share the same interests. Some of our friends tell us what they are cooking in advance so we can bring along the appropriate wines.

Sweden: It's sopo-rrific!