This, from HEEB, would be funny...

When not scapegoating the Jews, Church officials have been playing their second favorite game: Blame the Homos. At a press conference on Monday, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s second-highest authority, announced that, though there certainly is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality—a conclusion not validated by any psychological studies at all—there is no connection between pedophilia and the repressed, unnatural life of a celibate, except, of course, for common sense and the little fact that these priests just keep reaming the children. Other than that, no connections at all.

While scrambling to deflect attention from the obvious culprits, the Catholics have also fingered Satan, the 1970s and even the New York Times. How long will it be before the Church turns the blame on the victims themselves? I can hear it now: "Though there certainly is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality there is no connection whatsoever between the ongoing sexual abuse and the lithe and limber, pre-pubescent bodies of little beautiful boys all over the world."

...if the church hadn't already tried blaming the victims:

"There are 13 year old adolescents who are under age and who are perfectly in agreement with, and what’s more wanting it, and if you are careless they will even provoke you."