Who They Are and What They Think: CBS releases poll on the mindset of Tea Party members. Most believe things that aren't true—"64% of Tea Party supporters think the Obama administration has increased taxes for most Americans." They're mostly white men over 45 and a plurailty don't believe Obama was born in the US. Here's the report on what they think (.pdf) and here's more.


The Haze Over Europe: Several European nations shut down air space as cloud of volcanic ash floats across continent. The cloud erupted from a volcano in Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier. Oh, good ol' Eyjafjallajokull.

Hah! Constance McMillen, lesbian teen betrayed by her school district, will serve as grand marshal of the gay pride parade in New York City.

Taxation With Representation? Republican Orrin Hatch says he would filibusterer any attempt to give Washington, D.C.'s Congressional representative—a Democrat—a vote.

Star Wars: NASA could be grounded for years as feud escalates between White House and Congress:

Mr. Obama has been pushing ambitious plans for start-up companies to ferry astronauts into space on private rockets. Congress, meanwhile, is bent on defending NASA's traditional rocket and spacecraft programs, which the Obama administration wants to kill.

The White House believes NASA's current projects are too expensive and will take too long to deliver. Mr. Obama is betting that private enterprise can fill the gap—carrying astronauts and cargo to the space station—until a resurgent NASA can deliver more advanced space vehicles.

Myanmar: Authorities estimate 20 killed and 70 injured in terrorist attack.

Walmart: Biggest retailer tops the Fortune 500.

UFO: Massive fire ball moves around Midwest sky, gets really bright, but officials don't say what the fireball is, exactly. "A large meteorite could have caused the brilliant fireball that has been reported," according to the National Weather Service.

TIMMEH! Activists consider filing a lawsuit if city council passes Burgess's aggressive solicitation bill. They say data used to justify it is faulty and it would adversely affect poor people of color.

Just Pass a Public Safety and Human Service Levy Already: King County prosecutor and sheriff sound alarms that budget cuts would cause public-safety problems, like being forced to dismiss suspected felons for lack of prosecutors. Meanwhile, Seattlepi.com reports that the sheriff's office is discussing a ballot measure to ask for dough.