Slog Tipper jezbian wants you to listen to this radio bit about the smell of old books. Turns out, the smell of old books is generally due to the decomposition of the paper, which is an obvious fact that hadn't previously occurred to me.

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Used bookstore employees will tell you that when you're buying used books, one of the first things you do to the book is smell it. (And one of the worst smells you'll encounter is a mound of paperbacks from the home of someone who smoked for fifty years; that kind of funk will never leave a book.)

And it also brings to mind one of the best things about the Espresso Book Machines: Until the EBMs arrived at Third Place and University Book Store, I didn't know what a book smelled like when it was literally hot off the press, with the ink on the cover still setting and the glue in the spine still fresh: Turns out, it's got a kind of fresh baked-good odor about it.

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