California is often perceived as the epicenter for earthquakes in the United States. Yet new scientific studies show that the Pacific Northwest—Oregon, Washington and parts of Northern California, British Columbia and Alaska—is at a greater risk of experiencing a catastrophic “great earthquake,” a giant rupture in the Cascadia Subduction Zone that could set the region shaking for as long as five minutes, from the sea to Seattle...

Mr. Goldfinger and his colleagues recently projected that the southern part of the Cascadia zone, off the Northwest coast, has a 37 percent probability of causing an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 or higher in the next 50 years, a significant rise in the risk rate compared with earlier studies. The last major earthquake occurred about 1700. Mr. Goldfinger said new data showed that 80 percent of earthquakes here over the past 10,000 years had occurred within 360 years of each other. Big cities like Seattle are also believed to be at a greater risk than previously thought, with some buildings built as recently as the 1990s in danger of collapse. Infrastructure like water pipes and sewer pipes also are at risk.

So... um... how many buildings did McCarthy Building Companies toss up in the 1990s?