This week in the Stranger music section, Dave Segal has a nice, polite chat with ol' hippie Johnny about Public Image Ltd.'s reunion (4/20 at the Showbox Market), the Sex Pistols, and rich, creamery butter:

"None of us are aggressive. I don't live in this world to propagate arguments. Public Image is a band that tries to resolve issues."

Wait—aren't arguments Lydon's raison d'être? "Oh, no!" he protests. "If there's a row to be settled, my song is there and it will deal with many issues. But ultimately it's about coming together. [Hippie!] We've only got one life on this earth and that's it. Don't make it ugly for yourself or anyone else. All my songs resolve with that message. I don't leave anyone mortally offended—except of course if it's an institution that's been wicked and cruel to people.

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"There are no personal attacks in my songs. [Actually, 'FFF' and 'The Suit' appear to contradict this claim.] I'll give you an example. 'Disappointed' was about friends and friendships and how they can go awry from time to time. I have the refrain 'Isn't that what friends are for?' because you have to learn how to forgive."

Read the whole thing HERE.