I am a 25-year-old straight male. This morning I placed a Craigslist ad in the m4w casual encounters for the first time. I have been in a bit of a drought lately so I thought WTF. Tonight I got an email from a 30-something-man. His email said he had a FWB chick that likes to get it in with two guys at once. He sent me three pics of “her.” A face pic, a pic with her and a friend, and one of her body with her face cut off in the picture. He ended up calling and he talked about the girl and how they do this all the time and that we had to hang out just me and him first—so he could meet me before I met her because they are just "FWB who don't live together"—and he would have no problem pulling his dick out and beating off with me next to him on the couch while watching straight porn. He also made a comment that from talking to me he was sure I would do the same.

He kinda kept saying that he wasn't gay. Given, I told him that I am comfortable in my sexuality but definitely not gay. My main question and serious concern is what if this guy is a fucking psycho? I know that there are a lot of gay guys that love “straight boys” and I can imagine the lengths some of the creepier one might go to get a comfortable straight guy alone at their house. I really can't tell from the pics if they are all the same person and why would he have a body shot of her with her face cut off just lying around? On the other hand am I just making a huge deal out of nothing and should go fuck this girls brains out if she exists?

Nervous Boy

My response after the jump...

The woman doesn't exist.

The guy probably isn't a psycho, NB, but he's definitely a liar and a manipulative creep. He wants to get you to come over, have a wank with you while watching straight porn, and then, after he's gotten what he wanted, he'll tell you that his lady friend backed out or broke up with him or spontaneously combusted.

Stop responding to his emails, stop taking his calls.