This week in the Stranger music section, Charles Mudede digs into Vessel, the new album by hiphop duo Dark Time Sunshine, and manages to make it about—what else?—the bountiful bosom of Natalie Merchant:

The other part of the break forms an almost clean line between what is masculine and what is feminine. Vessel is unlike Onry's earlier work because it is not masculine. The things we associate with femininity (life, warmth, care, generation, generosity, euphoria—"You can find me hiding in the sunshine") dominate the sound and presentation of this work. The things that are masculine (alienation, anger, aggression, deracination, dislocation, existentialism, death, domination—"This is my world") dominated the sound of Onry's Oldominion-related recordings.

The women on Vessel (they appear on eight of the album's 16 tracks) are at once motherly and sensual; the image we get from the sound of their voices is similar to that image of Natalie Merchant on the cover of Motherland—a curvy woman, her ripe knees, the leaf-covered grass, a basket of fruit, the fruit-burdened branches, the beams of life-giving sunlight. This is the land of Vessel—the land of abundance.

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Bonus! Trent Moorman interviews Dark Time Sunshine on Line Out:

When you perform, you’re flexing the entire time.
I have to flex. That’s my thing. Cape Cowen sort of flex-raps. It’s a new style that he came up with.

Does Dark Time Sunshine use any performance enhancers?
Yep. I can’t say any of the names of the products because we’re under contract, but it’ll come out of the woodwork soon. You’ll see who we’ve been training with doing two-a-days. Cape Cowen got a contract that he’s worked out for himself with Lorazepam, because of his high anxiety.

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I see a Dark Time signature line of performance enhancers.
Cape Cowen: Exactly. When I moved up here from New Mexico, and started drinking this Seattle coffee, it knocked me back. It’s all I need. The Coffee — Lorazepam Performance Enhancing Concoction does it for me.

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