In last December's Strangercrombie charity auction, one lucky winner bought the right to screen the movie of his or her choice at the beloved movie-pub Central Cinema. Throughout the auction, I wondered about the winner—would it be a fledgling filmmaker hungry to see his work on a big local screen? The parents of a fledgling filmmaker buying their kid the most supportive gift ever? A 9/11 Truther hungry to review-and-rewind footage of tower two?

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As it turns out, the winners are just a couple of generous Seattleites who really want to see Demolition Man—the 1993 action thriller in which a cryogenically thawed Sylvester Stallone meets a pre-Oscar Sandra Bullock in the year 2032 and dystopian shit goes down—on the big screen. Tomorrow night, their dream comes true.

I've never seen Demolition Man, but Variety hails it as "a noisy, soulless, self-conscious pastiche." I can't wait.