A loaf of American meat.
  • A loaf of American meat.
Right now, Questionland user Emily is studying in Sweden, and she needed help thinking of some traditional American dishes for an upcoming International food festival.

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"It's kind of tricky seeing as a lot of our food originally comes from somewhere else," she says. "I was thinking about using 'New World' foodstuff (ie tomatoes, potatoes, corn, etc), and maybe a few other fun desserts or snacks (like s'mores or chocolate chip cookies). Any suggestions?"

Fnarf came through with a slew of tasty options:

Meatloaf. Fried Chicken. Mashed potatoes, or baked Russets (they will only be familiar with waxy red or yellow potatoes). Macaroni and cheese. Pot roast. Baked Pacific salmon (Swedish salmon is a different fish, Salmo vs. Oncorhynchus). Clam chowder. Boston baked beans. Crab cakes. Watermelon. Corn on the cob — most Europeans regard this as bizarre, an animal feed. Pemmican or jerky. Blueberry or huckleberry pie.

You could do a whole Southern or Creole menu. Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, dirty rice, fried okra. Texas-style chili. Smoked pork butt. Burritos!

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Emily loved his suggestions, so she gave him a Questionland mushroom—and his answer has been chosen as the Answer of the Week! Both Emily and Fnarf get a $25 gift certificate to Pagliacci Pizza (of course Emily will have to wait until she comes home to use it). Congrats to both of you!

And now I'm hungry.