Travis Ritter, on Line Out:

Once the first notes of set opener "Spoonman" rang out, the sold out crowd inched closer to the stage, whooping and hollering, and raising their fists and requisite devil horns. It was a loud, fierce opener: Shepherd whirled his bass as the low end frequencies rippled across the room; Chris Cornell, manning the microphone and guitar, hoisted his mic stand high into the air; Thayil played effortlessly and precisely, almost looking uninterested by what he was playing; and Cameron pummeled his kit with utmost dexterity and power. Cornell's voice, a detrimental asset to the overall sound of the band, proved to be in top form, hitting those highest notes of "Flower" without any pitchy warbling. The sound blasted through the speakers so clearly, you could only faintly hear the entire crowd singing along.

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