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Dominic Holden on the Law that Targets "Strange" People on the Street
"The reason the bill exists at all is because it's the pet project of elite downtown business interests..."

Eli Sanders on the Connection Between the Yakima Tea Party and the Patty Murray Death Threats
"Angry Tea Partyers in Yakima want to distance themselves from the man who allegedly threatened to kill Patty Murray. But he sure sounds a lot like them..."

On the Unexpected Sexiness of Many People Silently Reading in Public
"The insane thing about a party where you're not supposed to make small talk is that it makes you want to make small talk. You almost can't not do it..."

Dave Segal Talks to John Lydon about His Mother, Ghandi, and the Sex Pistols
"In a recent, nearly hour-long interview with the man many know as Johnny Rotten, the sneering iconoclast turned icon who fronted the Sex Pistols during punk's first sputum-flecked flourishing, Lydon spouted bromides more in line with a woolly '60s rocker like Ray Manzarek..."

An Interview with James Sturm about Teaching Cartooning, Cofounding The Stranger, and How Comics Aren't Disposable Anymore
"Making art does become a war of attrition..."

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Text Message from Pennsylvania
The secret life of a Jeff Koons sculpture in a town of 6,000.

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King County Council is seeking to hire one or more Senior Legislative Analysts.
To apply & view a complete job announcement go to www.kingcounty.gov/jobs. Closes 4/26/21 at 11:59pm