Intrepid intern Lara Phillips has uncovered the Seattle book story of the century. Here is the first paragraph of the police report:

On 04-07-10 at approximately 0906 hours V— called to report an assault he sustained while browsing through the book bin at the Goodwill Outlet store. V— told me he was standing next to the suspect whom he thought belonged to a Guatemalan book dealer gang. V— said the suspect kept getting closer to him until they were side by side. V— said there was some pushing and shoving while both men were reaching into the book bin. V— said the suspect punched him in the ribs. After the punch was thrown V— said rather loudly, "Son of a Bitch, I've been hit!".

Both the victim and the alleged Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang member were asked to leave the Goodwill outlet store. I am vowing right here and now to uncover the brutal truth of this Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang. Justice will be served. (The rest of the report—including ethnic slurs and hints of a long history of fighting over books—is after the jump.)

This loud outburst drew the attention of W—, who is the [REDACTED]. According to V—, W— told him to leave the store for causing a disturbance. V— insisted W— said to him, "get out of my store honky". V— believes W— has a bias against him because he is white and she is black. V— also told me that the suspect belongs to a Guatemalan book dealer gang because he heard about them being in Portland and also saw a news report about the book gang. V— told me "they have it out for me".

I spoke to W— who told me she was sitting approximately 40 feet away monitoring the book bins because of disturbance issues of people fighting over books. She saw the two men shoulder to shoulder and said their arms were crossing over each others reaching for books. W— said she saw the suspect elbow V— and heard V— outburst. W— said she has been instructed to tell both parties of a disturbance to immediately leave the store. She walked both men to the exit door and felt V— was being hostile towards her and called her a racist son of a bitch.

I gave the incident number to V— and W—