In the inbox this morning:

Dear Jen,

I wanted you to know, there is a groundswell of parents interested in alternatives to the glass museum at the Center, and are contacting the city council. ...

We have other ideas as well. Adventure playgrounds as in other states/countries.

This is my latest idea:
I also think an ice skating rink is a good idea- we had one at the Center- seasonally- but since the district has a high school without sports facilities at the Center & since we have the winningnest winter Olympian who got there on the ice- I think it is appropriate we have some sort of ice rink in Seattle.

The Science Center and the Children's Museum are great- but the Science Center is not engaging enough to visit often ( often has commercial tie ins which are unappealing), the Children's Museum is also for pretty little kids- we need something for older kids/young adults besides video game parlors.

If we really want to target families in Seattle that is.

We have lots of galleries around town, an Art Museum just a few blocks away from the center & another on Capitol hill- if we wanted to have some sort of place addressing creativity, how about getting to watch real artists create?

It could have different monthly themes- glass blowing one month with classes- welding sculpture another (they teach it at least one local high school), potters, etc.
I think it would be ok to have some things for sale- they also could have tie ins with local exhibits-

How about showing us some of the magic behind the stage sets and costuming for the Ballet & Children's theatre? Show us real people- so kids can get an idea of how to get involved- spark their interest.

We have many other renowned artists in this area- look at the Tsutakawa legacy for example (start at the [nearby] mural), Gerry/George are at least as deserving of a museum as Chihuly.

Karin Youngberg

Mayor McGinn has repeatedly claimed that he will take direction from highly organized citizens. Parents, if you want to join in, email Karen.