Queer Youth Space is all about the rainbows:

"We love businesses that support the LGBT community, as we frequently choose to meet at Kaladi rather than, say, Starbucks. But the difference is that if we want to paint the walls of Kaladi into a big rainbow, that would not be possible. In a space dedicated to Queer youth, that is totally possible, or if we want to have a weekly dance party in a QYS, or a poetry slam, that could happen. [And] safe space means directed space, in the hands of young people. That is why we can't just 'take over' space."

Kyle Rapinan from QYS sent me PDFs of the grant applications QYS submitted to the city. He asked me not to post the PDFs on Slog, or to quote from them, because, "they are intellectual property and lose value if they get passed around for people to steal." He promised to have a safe-for-posting summary of QYS's proposal to me by the end of the week.