Fifteen years ago today: The bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. Bill Clinton reflects.

Straight to the top: Goldman executives "took an active role in overseeing the mortgage unit" that drew Friday's SEC lawsuit, says the New York Times.

No longer banned in the UK: Airline flights, starting tomorrow.

Going big: Obama, who is traveling to New York for financial reform speech Thursday.

Going small Bothell couple buys (entire) tiny town in eastern Washington for $360,000.

What is Rossi up to? No one knows, but some of the other Republicans challenging Murray would sure like to get it figured out.

The McGuire demolition: No implosion; it'll have to be taken apart piece by piece.

Supported by sin: Washington and a large group of states struggling with recession-related budget woes.

More deadly than the Double Down? A few things.

Sharon Osbourne's implants: Will now be paperweights for Ozzy's desk.

And in an octopus's garden, a camera thief: