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One thing I notice locally is a lot of hipster hating. One can always be a bit bemused by what the kids are up to these days, but relatively speaking the local hipsters seem to be pretty harmless and friendly. I guess it's driven by a combination of the usual resistance to neighborhood change as the hipsters move in, generational clash, and the apparent belief that because they have time to drink coffee in the middle of the day they're unemployed trustifarians (more likely they're students and/or they work service jobs with irregular hours).

Now the hipster-boys-with-fugly-facial-hair thing makes me sad, as so many perfectly lovely young men seem intent on making themselves hideous. But it doesn't make me angry. (And they're not trying to attract my attentions anyway, so... why the fuck should they care what I think, right?) But I'm constantly mystified by the anger so many folks—youngsters and oldsters—express for hipsters. If skinny boys wanna wear girl jeans and girls wanna get their grandmothers' hairdos and they share similar taste in music and they make a decent latte, what skin is it off your ass?

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