A panel of really smart pot experts are in Questionland all week long answering whatever questions you have about marijuana. Our expert panelists include former police chief Norm Stamper, City Attorney Peter Holmes, and ACLU's Drug Policy Director Alison Holcomb, and they're covering everything from local pot laws to how to successfully (and hypothetically, of course) grow the stuff.

What better way to celebrate the day than by putting what brain cells you have left to good use. I kid, I kid. There's a lot of really great conversation going on right now. Here are just some of the questions and answers:

What is SPD's view on carrying weed on your person? Will I be arrested or fined? Is it up to the officer? How much is a serious offense?

Norm Stamper: If you're in the city of Seattle, in possession of 40 grams or less, theoretically you'd fall under the "lowest priority" law. Keep in mind, however, that low priority does not mean no priority. Technically, you're at risk carrying any amount of cannabis on your person.

How much is a serious offense? The initiative's language called for any amount of marijuana "intended for personal use." However, the possession of 41 grams could bump you up to the King County Prosecutor's Office, and a felony charge.

To end on an encouraging note, new City Attorney Pete Holmes is living up to his campaign promise not to prosecute simple possession cases at all, barring "out-of-the-ordinary circumstances." Read the rest of his answer...

Is it advantageous to freeze pot? My dealer does and he is a righteous hippy from way back. Any advantages or disadvantages?

Ben Livingston, Cannabis Defense Coalition: Short answer: personal preference. The advantage of storing your cannabis in the freezer is that it will retain more moisture over time. In theory, this could mean that you can keep bud for longer and have it taste and smoke better.

In reality, unless you're storing your pot for months on end, I recommend ditching the freezer method.

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Store your cannabis in glass jars. Mason jars work well, or if you need to store large quantities, most department stores have ridiculously large glass jars, some with screw top lids, some with all-glass "cookie jar" tops. Read the rest of his answer...

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