Reversing an earlier decision, the Air Force said Monday it intends to discharge a lesbian Air Force officer who had remained in the military despite openly declaring her homosexuality. An Air Force general earlier this year concluded that Lt. Robin R. Chaurasiya should not be discharged, saying she had declared her sexual orientation for the purpose of avoiding military service.

But after Chaurasiya spoke publicly about that decision, the Air Force announced a further review. On Monday, Air Force officials told Chaurasiya that a more senior officer, Gen. Raymond E. Johns Jr., reversed the earlier decision and recommended she be honorably discharged.

...when this lesbian "told," i.e. spoke publicly, about her sexuality in the hopes, in the opinion of the Air Force, of getting a discharge, she was refused a discharge despite the telling. But when she "told," i.e. spoke publicly, about her sexuality and the Air Force's refusal to discharge her despite the telling, the Air Force changed its mind and discharged her. Because out lesbians who want out are in. But out lesbians who are out about the Air Force not wanting them out are out.

See how that works?