Un-banned in the USA: The Supreme Court has voided a federal law that was meant to ban "crush videos," which "appeal to a certain sexual fetish by showing women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or high-heeled shoes." The court called the ban too broad.

Eyjafjallajokull: Offering up a brand new ash cloud.

Dorothy Height: Dead at 98.

Goldman: Whatever, fraud charges. The company reports earnings are up 91 percent in the first quarter.

And hires Gregory Craig: AKA Obama’s former White House counsel, to defend it against the SEC.

Monroe Correctional Complex: Swapping gas-powered mowers for push mowers, teaching inmates to tend tomato starts, and reducing its carbon footprint in the process.

McKenna: Outlines next week's Supreme Court strategy for defending Washington's Public Records Act.

Rossi: Lacking fire in the belly?

Bond: Postponed, not canceled.

In-flight entertainment: Presidential style.

And the Obama hecklers: