In my column this week, I review The Eclipse, a movie about Irish ghosts that I enjoyed very much.

In The Eclipse, per the formula, things are going okay for quiet, affable widower Michael Farr (Ciarán Hinds, one strategically placed feather boa away from being Sam the Eagle). He's still pretty bummed out about the too-young death of his wife, but he's a good dad, he trades loving banter with his kids, the coastline of County Cork is both rugged and quaint, and the town of Cobh is gearing up for its annual literary festival at which Michael is a loyal volunteer. Then Michael starts seeing ghosts. Maybe. Gloom descends.

You can read and comment on the full review HERE. But what I really want to talk about is: Am I right?

Ciaran Hinds
  • Ciaran Hinds

A feather boa
  • A feather boa

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Sam the Eagle
  • Sam the Eagle

Am I right?

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