The California sea lion that washed ashore at Golden Gardens beach recently died during the night. The seal, nicknamed Golden, was taken off the beach Monday in hopes of saving its life, but to no avail. Poor Golden was allegedly more than 100 pounds underweight, reports My Ballard. It is now in Sea Heaven with thegray whale that was stranded and died at Arroyo Beach with more than 20 plastic bags, small towels, surgical gloves, sweat pants, duct tape, and a golf ball in its stomach. Things continue to go downhill in the animal world with this news from Queen Anne View: King County has issued a warning that there is a suspected outbreak of canine distemper in raccoons. Apparently, raccoons with distemper may "have runny eyes and stagger, tremble, foam at the mouth or snap." Which is fucking freaky, so watch out. In better environmental news, Seattle Public Utilities is giving away high efficiency toilets to homeowners with a Seattle Public Utilities accounts. Do it for Golden.

A man who was breaking into homes in Magnolia has been charged with four counts of residential burglary and three counts of identity theft. The Magnolia Voice reports that the burglar wore a suit and tie “so he would not attract any attention from neighbors." The victims were senior citizens who were either outside gardening or busy doing housework and the dapper thief simply entered through an open or unlocked door unnoticed. Crafty, but despicable. Want to prevent something like this from happening to you or maybe your grandma? Laurelhurst blog reports that Seattle Police Department's Community Crime Prevention Coordinator for the North Precinct Diane Horswill will come out to your home for free to assess your yard and give you tips on how to effectively landscape your property to deter burglars.