Jesse Kellerman and Jonathan Kellerman will sign their mysteries at Seattle Mystery Bookshop and a Barnes & Noble today, someone will discuss flash photography*, topics ranging from Islam to Japanese woodblock prints will be discussed, an author will read from her how-to-write book, and several local authors will read tonight. You can read all about it in the reading calendar.

But frankly, the most enticing thing going on tonight is Christopher Frizzelle's silent reading party at the Sorrento. Did you read his books lead about it?

You can read whatever you want, and it runs the gamut. Two reading parties ago, a business lawyer next to me was reading that day's New York Times. An art critic was reading A Brief History of Curating by Hans Ulrich Obrist. A singer/performer/musician was reading Moby-Dick. A furniture maker was reading Where We Live Now: An Annotated Reader, edited by Matthew Stadler. Charles Mudede was reading Walter Benjamin, possibly for the billionth time. An investigative journalist was reading Robert Greenberg's Exile on Main St., about the Rolling Stones recording Exile on Main St. A food critic was reading Elaine Dundy's The Dud Avocado, a drunky 1950s New York novel gorgeously republished recently by NYRB. A woman at the next table was reading Michael Lewis's The Big Short. Someone else was scribbling in a notebook; there's one in every crowd.

If you haven't already, you should.

The full readings calendar, including the next week or so, is here. And if you're planning on staying in and you're looking for personalized book recommendations, feel free to tell me the books you like and ask me what to read next over at Questionland.

*UPDATE: The flash photography reading is canceled due to Icelandic volcano.