The fury of an editorial page ignored: The Seattle Times unloads on McGinn, O'Brien, and Burgess over their sinking of the aggressive-solicitation bill: "What were we thinking, Seattle, when we elected McGinn as the city's chief executive officer?"

Tax the rich: Say some of Washington's richest, who are set to announce an income tax initiative today.

Not gay enough to play: The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance has been sued for allegedly bouncing a softball team with too many bisexuals.

The Man the White House Wakes Up To: Mike Allen.

Extreme migraine: Gives British woman a Chinese accent.

Sick of Eyjafjallajokull? Meet Katla.

We screwed up: D.C. Parks Police apologize for moving people away (way, way away) from DADT protesters at the White House.

Deepwater Horizon: Workers missing after the oil rig, based off the Louisiana coast, suffered an explosion.

And Jon Stewart—and choir—tells FOX Newsies to go fuck themselves: