Mystery Man
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If you believe what Republican Dino Rossi is saying, he doesn't have a campaign organization, an official spokesperson, or even a clue as to whether he'll jump into the race to unseat Washington's senior Democratic senator, Patty Murray. He's just hard at work at his job at the commercial real-estate firm Coast Equity Partners, trying to figure out his next move. Just being a dad and a husband for now. Just flattered by the attention.


Rossi is acting like a man who wants in. He was in D.C. last month chatting with leaders of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who were evidently impressed by polling that showed Murray is vulnerable to a Rossi challenge. Then, on April 2, he very publicly fired off a letter asking Murray to call off the attack dogs from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee who—after smartly assuming that Rossi is doing what it looks like he's doing—have been hitting him for his past "dirty deals" as a businessman (detailed at the Democrat-funded site

"Eighteen years ago, this is exactly the kind of politics you were against," Rossi wrote in his letter to Murray, using language straight out of the challenger versus incumbent playbook. "Apparently, 18 years in the Senate has changed you completely."

Rossi can continue to play this maybe-I'm-running-or-maybe-I'm-not game all the way up until the candidate filing deadline on June 11. But here's the problem with strolling in late to topple a three-term incumbent like Murray.

Or, really, HERE you will find the problem. (And the rest of the story, and a ready-and-waiting-for-you comment thread.)