On Saturday, May 1, the Stranger Gong Show hits the stage at the Crocodile.

If you possess a talent that people would want to watch for one to four minutes—such as singing, dancing, joke-telling, harp/guitar/drums/accordian/tuba-playing, juggling, clogging, bird-calling, celebrity impersonation skills, weird bendy limbs, burlesque powers, magic trickery, performance eating, ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE FIRE OR MINORS—you should sign up to compete. You could be showered in applause and leave the club with a ton of prizes including $300 cash!

If you are ready to watch a parade of people who believe they possess a talent that people want to watch for one to four minutes, show up at the Crocodile on Saturday May 1. Full info and advance tickets may be found here.

For inspiration, here's the greatest classic Gong Show act ever.