As Brendan previously reported, the Lusty Lady, Seattle's oldest 24-hour peep show, is set to close its doors forever on June 27, which means you have roughly two months left to get your kicks in and/or curiosity assuaged.

  • pouryourheartintoit via Flickr

Here’s when you should go: June 11 or 12, when the dancers will be hosting a 48-hour Play Day Party, a huge bash with a "hot seat" in the center of the mirrored peep room for patrons to occupy while being danced on by a hoard of well-groomed naked ladies, and a Polaroid booth. All of the profits from the bash are split between equally among dancers and support staff.

If you've never been to the Lusty Lady, you should check it out. It's a pretty positive environment for the dancers. "We work as a team," says Candygirl, a retired dancer who now cashiers, "we pool our tips together and use the money to go out to dinner as a group or have a slumber party. Nobody here is better than anybody else."

And the people watching is superb. It only takes a quarter to make the curtain rise on a small, mirrored room where the women dance, and behind them the faces of other patrons are reflected back at you, like a circus hall-of-mirrors (only with porn). Also, there is a vending machine that only sells candy and cigarettes, which reminds me of home.*

*Up until a few days ago, my only experience with strippers was in Idaho, at a bowling-alley-turned-strip joint, where the women danced in lanes, between gutters that collected loose change, while voyeurs drank ice-cold Budweiser Cheladas (which are, admittedly, delicious) and rolled from lane to lane in mismatched office chairs. I was there for a bachelor party or something. Maybe a birthday party? I remember cake and tears and the glint of oiled buttocks, and not much else.

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