In a frank email sent to fellow state senators late this afternoon, Democratic State Sen. Darlene Fairley (who represents the state's 32nd District, which borders north Seattle) said she doesn't like working the legislature any more and she won't be running for office again. Fairley, who began in the senate in 1995 and chairs the Government Operations & Elections Committee, is up for reelection this November. This was her letter:

To Everyone:

Around Christmas time last year I was griping and groaning about having to go back to Olympia soon. My husband (who had just about had it with my complaints) said I should wait until the end of this session to see if I felt the same.

If anything, my feelings are more negative than before.

I’ve always believed that if you hate what you’re doing, and you can't give it your best, stop doing it. Life is too short to waste on things you don’t enjoy doing.

We never know what’s going to happen next, but I do know that I’m not running again. 16 years is enough.

To all of you—take care,


Fairley didn't immediately return a request to comment.