According to reports obtained form the Seattle Police Department:

On April 6, while investigating attempted shoplifting of a $6 container of liquid bath soap at the Broadway QFC, a store security guard opened the suspect's bag to see if he had any other merchandise. When the employee discovered a "small clear zipbag containing several small white crystal rocks" in the bag, the suspect allegedly attacked him by biting, scratching and kicking him. According to the police report, when officers arrived to arrest the suspect, they found additional suspected narcotics. The man was charged with non-aggravated assault, two incidents of drug possession, and shoplifting.

On April 8 at Whole Foods, an employee called police when he witnessed a man conceal $8.99 worth of Tandoori chicken from the deli inside his jacket and then walk out without paying. According to the police report, the man stated he had "just spaced out and didn't know what he was thinking" but also stated that he did not have any money to buy the food.

The same day at the University Village Apple Store, an employee observed a man conceal a package of software under his jacket and place a pair of headphones (together valued at $767) under his arm. When the man left without paying, the employee asked him to return to the store. Instead, the suspect allegedly threw the headphones back inside the store and attempted to flee. The employee caught the fleeing man and held him for police. While in the holding cell at the precinct waiting to be booked, several officers observed the suspect ingesting something. According to the police report, the officers got the suspect's mouth open and found a plastic baggie that the suspect was attempting to chew up and swallow. The recovered baggie tested positive for cocaine residue, adding a narcotics charge to the man's theft charge.