After years of silence, Jenn Ghetto is back with an outstanding new solo album as S, I'm Not as Good at It as You, and the long-awaited Carissa's Wierd reunion is imminent. She talks to the Stranger about it here:

In Carissa's Wierd, Jenn Ghetto and Mat Brooke traded bar-stool confessions over aching, sparsely orchestrated slowcore, each singing in barely more than a whisper, lyrics over-lapping, leaning on each other (with lines like "If I could just see straight/I'd probably head straight for the door"). By the time the band broke up in 2003, Ghetto had already released one solo album, Sadstyle, under the moniker S. On her own, her singing sounded less steadied, more vertiginous—and it started looking like a long, dark way down from that bar stool.

She released another S album, Puking and Crying, in 2004. In the year following the record's release, Ghetto played shows both as S and in metal duo Crictor—but then she suddenly and quietly stopped. While her former bandmates have gone on to successful post-CW careers (Ben Bridwell in Band of Horses, Mat Brooke in that band and Grand Archives, Sera Cahoone solo), S remained conspicuously silent.

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