There's an initiative on the ballot to legalize marijuana—grow it, regulate it, tax it, sell it, smoke it—and a new poll says that most Californians could go for it. SurveyUSA, in polling 500 adults, found that 56 percent support legalization, compared to only 42 percent who oppose legalization. But it's not a slam dunk. Voters tend to support conceptual policy changes more than specific changes (i.e., they like the idea of legalization but take issue with the some language of the initiative on the ballot). Another reason not to get too excited—just be a little excited, okay?—is that this survey was of adults, not all voters. The electorate is older and more conservative than the public at large. But still—this is a great sign. Historically, the Clinton and Bush Administrations deployed a bunch of scare tactics to stop states from reforming pot laws and killed support for initiatives. The Obama Administration, it appears so far, is keeping its nose out of California's business.