Would you like a toy out of my box?
  • "Would you like a toy out of my box?"
The U Village KeyBank was robbed on April 20, reports new neighborhood blog U District Daily. Check out a surveillance photo of the creepy looking suspect here, who is described by the FBI as potentially armed and dangerous. Seattle Police say the man handed the teller a note and escaped with an "undisclosed amount of cash." Speaking of creepy white dudes, North Beach Elementary School has issued a warning to parents about a stranger who has been hanging out around the school, reports My Ballard. On Tuesday, April 20, "a Caucasian man, with a scruffy beard and brown hair, riding a shiny, red bicycle," approached a child with her family and "asked if she would like a toy out of his box." Ewww. Be aware: This man has reportedly been skulking around other schools and homes in the area. And the Queen Anne View and SeattleCrime reports that in Myrtle Edwards Park, an "agitated and possibly mental man" has been lunging at runners and trying to run them off the path.

The terror continues: Wednesday, April 21, residents near 29th Avenue East and East Roy Street heard a woman screaming and begging, "Help me! Someone help me!" reports Central District News. They found a young woman in her late teens or early 20's —"her face bleeding and much of her hair in the street"—who said she had been beaten by two acquaintances, then thrown from a black Jeep Cherokee. She lay approximately 100 feet south of her belongings, with visible drag marks on her back. Ugh. And sometime last night, good-time burglars allegedly broke into the Maple Leaf Grill, cut phone lines to disable the alarm, and made off with "all the booze, cash, and soda for mixers" they could find, reports Maple Leaf Life. The Maple Leaf Grill owner's word of advice to other business owners worried about break-ins: "Find ways to protect any sort of communication wiring that’s needed to keep the alarm functioning."