The offending sign.
  • The offending sign.
On their blog, Seattle Mystery Bookshop has been having a very public duel with the Mayor's office about the placement of a sidewalk sandwich board sign.

The sign, at the corner of First and Cherry, was allegedly "blocking the pedestrian pathway." The store was told to move the sign. The Mayor's office has responded to Mystery Bookshop customers who have written in support of the bookstore with an e-mail saying they were in contact with Seattle Mystery Bookshop about proper sign placement. Not so, says Seattle Mystery Bookshop:

So that is where it stands. April [Thomas, Mayoral Staff Assistant] claims that they're working with us but, while it is true that the DOT sent someone to talk with me, no one from the Mayor's office has been in touch with me. To date, there has been no offer to help us find a new place for our sign. I'm heartened that they feel small businesses are important. I'm glad that they express the desire to help us work something out. But, as of this moment, it has not happened.

So far, the Mayor's office seems more concerned with explaining their points to our customers and to authors than finding a way for us to use our sign to help customers find us.

It's been a tough month for Pioneer Square bookstores, and I don't think this kerfluffle is helping Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Let's hope the Mayor's office offers something a little more substantial in support of a great bookstore that has been in Pioneer Square for a long time.

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