It's just a "Savage Love" that came today:

Although I identify as straight, I do enjoy occasional cock. I've given blowjobs, taken it in the ass, given it in the ass, etc. I only have one unfulfilled homo fantasy: swallowing sperm. This would have happened already, but I'm scared of contracting something nasty. Since entering a relationship with a dude is out of the question, strangers/anonymous partners are pretty much my only option, and that seems high-risk.

There's a lot of confusing info out there about the likelihood of contracting an STD from oral sex, whether you swallow or not. The statistics are all over the place, and I understand that you can't give me a scientifically accurate answer regarding the precise risk ("there's a 1.8% chance of throat syphillis!"). So instead I'll ask you for gay-man anecdotal evidence: Would you (hypothetically, I know you're in a relationship) swallow an anonymous partner's cum? Do promiscuously inclined gay guys generally do that, and if so, with what result? Do you know any men who have caught something exclusively from sucking/swallowing? Is there a consensus of opinion in the gay community?

Down The Hatch

Not really that interested in DTH's question—if someone wants to help him out in comments, hey, be my guest—I'm just tossing this up for all the out, sane, secure bisexual guys who sometimes wonder why bisexuals have a bad rap in Gayland. It's largely thanks to straight-identified cocksucking, assfucking, assfuckees like this DTH here. I know, I know: it's not fair. DTH isn't even bi identified. But promiscuous bi-in-everything-but-name guys like DTH here are likelier to have more total point-of-contact interactions with gay men than your average stable, out, secure bi guy would or could. And as most DTH types are on closeted or on the down low, their interactions with gay men tend to be the kind that leave a bad taste in the mouth, assignations that are shot through with shame and fear and driven by a need for secrecy.

It's not fair, again, but there it is.