An NPR report on an investigation into the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and its efforts to cover up cases of child rape—and aid and abet more cases of child rape—includes this absolutely insane detail from the deposition of a Catholic priest who suddenly "flipped" and started to answer questions honestly:

After the settlement, Richard Loomis, the vicar for clergy, felt something had to be done about Baker. [Father Baker told Cardinal Mahony personally that he had raped two boys repeatedly over a period of years.] In a 2009 deposition obtained by NPR, Loomis told Luis' attorney that he suggested the police be called.

"Did they do that?" Manly asked.

"No," Loomis responded.

"Who did you suggest that to?"

"To the cardinal," Loomis said.

Describing the deposition to NPR later, Manly said that Loomis "flipped" right in the middle of the deposition. "You know, how you used to see on Perry Mason or A Few Good Men, when someone actually flips on the stand? It just doesn't happen. And here it did," Manly said.

Later in the deposition, Loomis said he suggested that the archdiocese should alert all the parishes about Baker's activities, in case there were other victims. Again, the cardinal declined.

"I was upset because I felt we should have made the announcements," he said. "It was the right thing to do."

Loomis says he considered resigning, and suddenly, an increasingly agitated lawyer for the archdiocese, Donald Woods, stood up and grabbed Loomis in an angry bear hug, physically restraining him from talking.

"Wait, wait, woah, woah! What are you doing?" Manly asked.

"I'm instructing my client," Woods replied, as he jostled the priest and whispered in his ear.

"You're trying to shut him up!" Manly replied.

Baker's crimes were never reported to the authorities, he was not relieved of his priestly duties much less defrocked, he was moved from parish to parish (some with grade schools attached), and he went on to molest more young children—all of this after Baker himself told Cardinal Mahony that he had molested two boys repeatedly. Go read or listen to the whole appalling thing, and then ask yourself... why isn't Cardinal Mahony in jail?