Dave Segal on deep-space sci-fi experimentalists Wehrwholve (seems like everybody's into outer space these days):

Wehrwolve are about to release their second album, Interstellar Spaceports Lost, the follow-up to their 2008 debut full-length, Ragnarök. Interstellar is a nine-track excursion into the vast, enigmatic somethingness of space rock's furthest reaches. Every song title on the album is loaded with scientific/­occult terminology that will send most listeners madly Googling in search of meaning. For example, "Extradimensional Mythopoetics (Qubit Verschränkung Matrix Holomorphic Hilbert Space)," "Kefahuchi Tract (Supermassive Singularity)," and "Caveden (Nibiru)" respectively refer to quantum mechanics, the largest type of black holes, and a theoretical catastrophic collision between Earth and a large planetary body. Covert clearly has no truck with silly love songs.

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