At least our garbage strike wasn't like this: Thai Red Shirt protesters call off negotiations when prime minister refuses to dissolve parliament in 30 days.

Not again: 61 people dead, at least 100 wounded in Iraq bombings, which may be retaliation for killing of two most-wanted al Qaeda leaders a few days ago.

Prepare for a wave of immigration the hell out of Arizona: Governor of Arizona signs law requiring immigrants to carry residency documents at all times, and giving police power to ask for documents even if immigrant isn't suspected of a crime.

Send more cops: McGinn vetoes aggressive panhandling bill and delays hiring additional cops due to budget issues.

And they can stop Somali pirates with tainted infant formula: Chinese Navy extending reach, wants to protect trading partners in Middle East.

In other news, water still wet: Paper trail shows Goldman Sachs knowingly made money from financial crisis, contradicting what they told Senate Subcommittee.

Now that they're homeless, will they start aggressively panhandling? Swallow nests removed from Magnuson Park to accommodate sports arena construction.

Grease is the word: Hydraulic oil spill is draining into Elliott Bay; cleanup in progress.

Celebrity Deathwatch: Former Poison singer Bret Michaels in critical condition after brain hemorrhage; his survival is dicey.

The wonderful and somewhat creepy magic of science: Doctors in Spain perform the first total face transplant.

Ah, traditional marriage: Utah woman sentenced to 30 days in jail for blindfolding husband, promising him a surprise, and hitting him in the head with a hammer. Three years after the attack, the couple are still married, but separated.