Who angered God THIS time? Tornadoes sweep through Mississippi and three other states, killing 10 people, including three children.

"Either too stupid or too naive to be considered 'reasonable'.": "Prank" confession to friend during Maurice Clemmons manhunt diverted police resources and got prankster arrested by SWAT team.

Hot air from politicians still untapped energy source: Republican Lindsey Graham threatens to stop participating in negotiations on bipartisan Senate climate change bill now that Democrats and White House want to prioritize immigration reform instead.

Same old "Don't ask, don't say genocide" policy: Obama marks anniversary of 1915 slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Empire but steps around using the G word to avoid upsetting Turkey.

It was great news, until Jenny McCarthy warned grandpa about developing autism from it: Seattle biotech company waiting for FDA approval of prostate cancer vaccine.

R.I.P.: Last surviving worker from Anacortes refinery explosion dies from his injuries, bringing final death toll to seven.

It was reported in the famed newspaper "Um, all of them": Sarah Palin testifies in email hacking case that she was unaware her email had been tampered with during the 2008 presidential campaign until the media reported it.

But you have to read everything from right to left: Israeli customs authorities no longer seizing iPads for non-compliance with the country's wi-fi standards.

Like Supreme Court Justice, apparently appointed for lifetime term: While vacationing in North Carolina, Obama planning visit with 91 year-old preacher Billy Graham , who has counseled every President since Eisenhower.

Luckily, "death by mau-mau" still just a punchline: Utah death-row inmate choosing firing squad instead of lethal injection.

Pope wants the memo writer transferred to a remote office and not disciplined: UK Foreign Office memo to Pope suggests launching a line of pope-branded condoms, ordaining women, and opening an abortion clinic.