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Charles Mudede Goes to Hanford, Landscape of Irony
"Because the area is so toxic, because humans refused to have anything to do with a place that's packed with millions upon millions of gallons of radioactive waste, the old nature, the original nature, the nature before even manifest destiny, has made a spectacular return..."

Jen Graves Tours the Tomb of an Abandoned Condiment Factory (While Thinking About Banksy's New Movie)
"The walls have been covered in storms of black paint, and one room is a cemetery of pallets arranged to form arched walkways and headstones, overseen by life-size prints of owls wheat-pasted on perches around the space, watching..."

Drunk of the Week Caption Contest!
What did this man—who just did two shots of Jägermeister followed by a double Maker's on the rocks—just say?

Lindy West on a Female Film Directors Series
"It's been a big year for ladies in film—Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman ever to win a best director Oscar. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis's colon is healthier than ever. And probably something else happened as well. Congrats, womens!"

Cienna Madrid on the Continuing Debate Over the Future of the Waterfront
"In May, the Department of Planning and Development will launch a search for design consultants to reenvision 25 acres of land that has been eaten up and overshadowed by the viaduct since 1952..."

Eric Grandy Has a Drink with Jenn Ghetto—Formerly of Carissa's Wierd, Currently of Sad-Bastard Solo Act S
"The new S album, I'm Not as Good at It as You, was largely recorded by Ghetto at home on an eight-track, but it sounds somehow clearer and less claustrophobic than its predecessors..."

Clothing Soon: Mistress Matisse on the News about the Lusty Lady
"It's been years since I was a Lusty Lady, but working there was a formative experience..."

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