So, I really have nothing to say about the Mariners' trip to Chicago, other than I am really glad that I didn't Liveslog it, after they manage to lose ALL THREE FREAKING GAMES in the White Sox' last at-bat, with two walk-off homers and a bottom-of-the-eighth shot. Shit. Milton didn't play, but he did continue his pattern of attributing his problems to both the media and racism, arguing that most sports writers are middle-aged white guys who cannot write about him since they cannot understand who he is. OK, so I'll stop trying.

Meanwhile, in Arizona—if people wan to fuck up the enforcement of this new anti-illegal immigrant law, here's a couple of civil disobedience methods I think would work politically.

First, any time a cop has a conversation with you, you should demand the chance to SHOW your papers. Show a cringing desire to go along with getting rid of illegals (who are not all Mexican! Some are Irish or Polish!) while not racially profiling by OFFERING every cop whose path you cross you identification.

Then take some time finding it. Dig through your purse, claw through that wallet stuffed with receipts, take your time. Just when the cop gets frustrated and tries to go, pull it out and say, "ah, here, thanks Officer for letting me prove I'm an American citizen. Sieg Heil."

Second strategy: say you're in line at a place where you might run into cops. Not to profile or anything, but donut shops come to mind for some reason. If you spot a cop within earshot, start talking with an eastern European or Irish accent amongst yourselves (or to yourself) about over-staying your student visa, and how glad you are that the cops are just going to hit the Mexicans since that leaves more jobs for you to steal from Americans. It'd be very nice if someone was getting this on their cellphone video feed. If the cops do ask for your papers, just give 'em the straight-arm salute and present your driver's license. If they don't, get their badge number and complain to the police department that they're not doing their damn job, since you saw this clearly Not-American person who was white get away without being checked.

I suspect the law will never go into place since it seems unconstitutional on the face of it, but just in case it does I think these two strategies would annoy on-the-street law enforcement without getting anyone tasered, create political and media heat, and make the point that this is a fucking fascist law aimed at brown people.

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