Y'all know about Boobquake, right? The blog joke that turned into a worldwide day-of-ladies-dressing-immodestly-to-piss-off-God-into-causing-more-natural-disasters?

Capitol Hill Block Party returns this summer on July 22nd thru 24th!
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Well, I'm taking a cue from Modern Art Notes today and doing the art version.

Boobpdates throughout the day.

(Yes, I realize these aren't SFW. But in this case, it's for a cause. I'm sorry! Scroll by quickly! I do not want you to be fired!)

This painting is dated circa 1594, and the artist is unknown. It hangs in the Louvre and depicts Gabrielle d'Estrees, the mistress of King Henri IV, and her sister, the Duchesse de Villars.

The sisters are in the bath, and Gabrielle's the one whose nipple's getting pinched—probably in reference to the scandalous fact that she's pregnant with the king's child. Both women are about to rise in rank, and they look pretty satisfied about it.