Charles pointed this morning to the Seattle Times top headline today: "Graffiti vandals cost public millions"!

Well, it's a little more to the point to say that graffiti laws cost the public millions. Does it all really need to be covered over? No, it does not. Hate speech? You can make a case that the city does a service by removing that, sure. On the other hand, tags or paintings that private property owners don't complain about? Those don't need to go. Unless we think our city should be above graffiti, clean of it. And I don't. If I wanted that, I'd live in the Alps. Please feel free to spend my tax dollars actually helping a person who is dying or homeless or starving or in danger.

By coincidence, Gage Academy of Art is starting a weekend street art class for teens that still has three spots open, I'm told. Here's the info.

And you've seen the Banksy movie, right?