Flash Mob Orgy: "A Connecticut man, apparently in a spat with his neighbor, placed a Craigslist ad inviting strangers to her house to fulfill her 'group sex' fantasies."

Prostate Cancer Vaccine: Promises prolonged life and fewer side effects for patients, could be approved this week.

What Can Brown Do for You?: Nothing, says racist British family, demanding that a Florida hotel supply them with all-Caucasian service.

Passed Out Drunk, Woke Up President: George W. Bush's memoir coming in November.

Robots to the Rescue: The best hope for stopping to 42,000-gallon-a-day oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico comes from robot submarines.

Meanwhile in Portland: Tri-Met Bus makes a left turn and kills two pedestrians.

And finally, happy birthday to Tionne Tenese Watkins, better known as TLC's T-Boz, born on this day in 1970. To celebrate, please enjoy the wisdom of "Waterfalls."